Upgrading to Bifold Doors

What are bifold doors?

If you are wondering what bi-fold doors are, then a very simple explanation would be that bi-fold doors are also sliding doors that come with an added feature that allows them to fold as well, apart from sliding. The beauty of bi-fold doors lies in their ability to open up a part of your room to the exteriors, as well as presenting stunning views of open corners if required.

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Should you really change your Patio door with a bifold door?

Although there is no doubt about the utility and appearance of patio doors, but their main drawback happens to be their handling, which might become a little too stiff for your liking after some time. Bi-fold doors on the other hand will give you convenience that patio doors and french doors may not in the long run. With a bi-fold door installed in the back opening of your house, you can create a seamless transition between the interiors and exteriors of the house.

Benefit associated with bifolding doors

Another benefit associated with bi-folding doors is that they are available in a number of configurations to give you ample flexibility in the way you would want them to open after installation in your house. If your house has only a couple of meters opening in the back, you can make a smart move by getting rid of the 2 pane patio door and installing a two pane bi-folding doors to give you a wider opening in the limited space. Moreover, if the bi-fold doors are your single access point to the back garden, it will be advisable for you to have one swinging side opening on one side, and the remaining bi-fold doors opening on the other. This would give you an added advantage of swinging open only one side of the entry when disposing the garbage of the house in the bin outside.


Bifold doors offer maximum convenience and ease of handling when configured and designed in the right way. These doors are most suited for those scenarios where the open doors can't encroach on the outside space, and the opening is large enough to make space for these doors. If you are contemplating about which one to pick for your back door, then this will totally based on your personal taste and also the space you have at your disposal. If you are bit constrained on budget, then French doors will be the cheapest option. Patio doors would be slightly more expensive than French doors, and bi-fold would be the most pricey option.